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Core Values and School Improvement Plan

At MMS, we focus on three core values:

  • Community – MMS is a large community made up of many smaller communities, such as our houses, classrooms, homerooms, clubs, athletic teams, and other formal and informal groups. We strive for inclusivity and accountability to one another in our words and our actions.


  • Growth – Each school year provides numerous opportunities for growth, where we gain not only new academic skills and content, but also develop personal skills like conflict resolution, resiliency, and perseverance. We encourage everyone in our community to embrace these opportunities, and to seek and accept help when it is needed.


  • Purpose – Middle school is a time of great change, and can be the perfect opportunity to explore who you really are and what you hope to accomplish in life. We explore our core values and future goals, and work to make sure the things we do put us on the path to success.


MMS Students = Growing as Independent Learners

One focus of our school’s work is to support students in their growth as independent learners. We do this through activities in Homeroom, regular practices in our classes, and through various support programs, like our Career and College Readiness Program.

Independent Learner Mindset
Students who are independent learners are:

  • Curious
  • Self-motivated
  • Creative problem-solvers
  • Collaborative
  • Persistent and resilient
  • Able to learn from failures/mistakes and have a growth mindset
  • Celebrate their successes
  • Focused on the learning rather than the task
  • Critical thinkers
  • Advocates for themselves

Independent Learner Skills

Students who are independent learners:

  • Set goals and make plans to achieve them
  • Manage their time well
  • Keep their materials and resources organized
  • Ask questions and research, read, and listen in order to find answers
  • Communicate their thinking in writing and speech, revising and editing as needed
  • Are able to make a claim with supporting evidence and reasoning
  • Seek help from teachers and staff
  • Reflect on their thinking and learning

These core values and learners mindsets and skills play an important role in our School Improvement Plan. The 2020-21 School Improvement Plan is still under construction, but will be available mid-November.