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Chromebooks 1:1

The Edmonds School District Strategic Direction – Each Student Learning, Every Day – sets the stage to provide each student with computing tools that can be used every day, from any place to support their learning. These tools will promote higher-level thinking, engage students in the learning process and prepare them for life after graduation.

With the passage of the 2016 Technology/Capital Levy,

  • Students grades K-2 will have access to shared Chromebooks to use at school.
  • Students grades 3-6 will receive a district-owned Chromebook to use at school.
  • Students grades 7-12 will receive a district-owned Chromebook to use at school and home during the school year.

As the district moves forward with this model, it will allow the teaching staff to use technology and online resources in powerful new ways that provide opportunities for collaboration, innovation, critical thinking, and information literacy.

Why Chromebooks and Google Suite for Education?

Over the past several years, the district conducted pilot projects to explore the cost, functionality, benefits and challenges of (1) using lower cost Chrome OS computers (Chromebooks) and (2) allowing students to bring their own computing devices to schools. Both of these projects depended on moving student computing to an Internet-accessible system (cloud service).

The district selected using Google Suite for Education (G Suite) because of the collaboration features of all of the apps – Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, and Gmail – and its ability to work on a wide range of computing devices.

After successful pilot projects, the district concluded that providing G Suite accounts for all students, a district-owned Chromebook to all students in grades 3-12, and shared devices for K-2 classrooms would provide the most equitable access to technology tools.

For more information about G Suite for Education’s privacy and security, click on Google For Education .