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Internet Safety and Cyberbullying

Internet Safety & Cyberbullying

What is Digital Citizenship?

Just as we are citizens of many communities, we are also citizens of the Internet.

Digital Citizenship is education in the mindset and behaviors that help students navigate this modern community in a safe and responsible way.

Digital Citizenship & Cyberbullying

The Libraries and Instructional Technology department are committed to providing Digital Citizenship education for all our learners. They work with schools and teachers to ensure that there is a strong district message behind this topic.

What will students learn?

Each school has a Digital Citizenship Plan, and students can expect to receive lessons on topics such as:

  • Online Identity and Self Image
  • Information Literacy
  • Internet Safety
  • Fair Use & Copyright
  • Cyberbullying

The extent and depth of these lessons will depend on the age and grade of the student. With computers in every class, and many students having a take-home device issued by the district, it is vital that they are equipped to learn successfully in a connected world.

Resources for Students, Staff, and Families