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How do I get help with homework?

We're glad you asked! Read on…

Numerous options are available to get the help you need. We believe some of the best help you can get is either from your regular classroom teacher or a friend who already understands the material and can help you "get it" - sometimes, it is even easier than when the teacher or your parent explains it.


Drop in Monday-Thursday after school, MMS offers Study Club from 2:30-3:45. Teachers are available to provide additional help, offer make-up work and labs, or just plain give you a quiet place to study. School district transportation is provided for students who need a ride home following Study Club (Tuesdays and Thursdays). For more information, ask your teacher or stop by the Counseling Office.



This website offers one-to-one expert answers from Cooperative Extension/University staff and volunteers from across the United States. In our state, it is partnered with Washington State University.


This kid-friendly site from "Information Please" sorts information by subjects, homework skills, reference sources and tools. Find information on how to write a research paper and how to cite sources. Browse the almanac and find an interactive periodic table or click on the atlas to find country, state and city profiles.


Looking for outstanding resources to help with your homework? Sno-Isle Libraries teen homework page has an outstanding list of databases you can use.


The Khan Academy offers a free online collection of more than 3,200 videos on mathematics, science, history and economics. Aside from being free, the best thing about the tutorials is that they are brief -- each is only 10 to 15 minutes long and focus on core concepts and topics.


Part of, on this site you can find help with subjects like arts, math and history. Within each, you can browse lots of helpful websites related to the topic you are researching.