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What our School Counselors Do...

Counselors Help You Find Solutions

All of us need help now and then. Sometimes things that happen are hard for us to handle all alone. Your counselor is one of the people at school you can talk to - someone who will listen and help you come up with solutions. We may not be able to make your problem magically disappear, but we will help you explore ways to fix things or cope with the way things are.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

Appointments with the counselors can be made through our Student Appointment Request form, or by emailing or calling your counselor. You can find that information here.

What Will the Appointment Be Like?

Appointments with your counselor are private unless you both decide to involve someone else--another student, one of your teachers, or perhaps your parent if needed. Most of the time, challenges are easier to solve than you think. It just takes another person to help sort through it.

Will the Counselor BLAB?

Most of the time, what you tell us will be kept private. We respect your privacy and your ability to solve your own challenges. There are some types of information we have to share with others--for instance, if someone is being abused or at risk of being harmed. Even in those cases, we only share with the people who absolutely need to know and who can help keep you safe.

Will Other People Think I Am In Trouble?
We regularly send "call slips" into classrooms for a variety of reasons - scheduling questions, testing information, a quick question about a class, or because a student has requested an appointment. We NEVER call you in because you are in trouble. If anyone asks, just say, "I am probably going to get an AWARD." Seriously, though, what you choose to say is up to you... but pass the word, it is NEVER because you're in trouble with us.