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Attendance Information

Attendance Secretary - Jennifer Craig - 425-431-4302

On-time, daily attendance is key to students' academic growth. While we are in the Continuous Learning model, students are expected to attend the daily Zoom sessions with their class and to engage in office hours, small group work, and independent work. If a student misses their scheduled Zoom class, they should visit the class Canvas page to learn about what was missed and connect with their teacher during office hours or via email about any questions they have.

On Wednesdays, students need to visit each of their teachers' Canvas pages to complete an attendance Google form.

A student's absence may be excused via a message left on the phone line above or an email to our Attendance Secretary.  Absences must be excused within 48 hours upon their return to school.

The policies below apply when we are able to return to the building.


Students are expected to be in class when the bell rings and will be marked tardy if they are not. When a student accumulates 4 tardies in a quarter, they will be assigned a consequence such as after-school detention.  Additional tardies in the quarter will result in additional consequences.

Late Arrivals 

If a student arrives late to school, but before 8:05, they will be marked tardy by their homeroom teacher. After 8:05, students go to the attendance window for an admit slip.

Students more than 15 minutes tardy to school or to an individual class are considered absent. 

Early Dismissals

1. Bring note to school day of early dismissal.

2. Get early dismissal slip from attendance office.

3. Show early dismissal slip to teacher before you leave home.

During an absence, students can best keep track of what is happening in their classes by contacting another student in each class (homework buddies are a great way to keep on top of school work). Students may also access teacher websites to see if there is work they missed in class that they can complete at home. We also recommend that students continue reading while at home.

Homework Requests

After two days of absences, parents are encouraged to telephone the attendance office after 8:30a.m. to request that homework be obtained and picked up the next day (third day). For the first two absences, our main concern is that our students regain their health. Upon returning to school, students are responsible for checking in with teachers in order to make up outstanding assignments and for making arrangements to see them during homeroom or study club to make up tests or labs.

If you have any questions about attendance procedures, what to do when your student is absent, please do not hesitate to call the attendance office at 425-431-4302.

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