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Works Cited

Works Cited

What is the purpose of a works cited page?

  • To give credit to your sources

  • To show the reader where you found the facts, quotes, and data in your project or paper so he/she can refer to the source for further information if they so desire

Here are some basic instructions to help you setup your MLA works cited page.

Use one of these sites to help you correctly put your source information together. You may want to compare your completed page to the style guide for accuracy.

  •  Scrible Toolbar is the best way to cite sources on your chromebook.  Find it in your chrome store and add the extension.  Use your school login information to sign in.  
  • BibMe
  • Citation Machine
  • Easy Bib

Would you like to see an example of a works cited page done correctly? Check out the link below.

You can use this log to help you gather your source information for your works cited page.

Use this example to help you properly format your in-text citations.

Use this site to help you properly format your in-text citations.


Last Modified on April 27, 2017