2018-19 Supply List and FAQs

2018-19 Supply List and FAQs
Posted on 06/29/2018

Supply List


School Day and Academics


How does the schedule work?


We have a block schedule, which means students have three classes each day, Monday-Thursday. On Monday and Wednesday (odd days), students have Homeroom, and then periods 1, 3, and 5. On Tuesday and Thursday (even days), students have Homeroom and period 2, 4, and 6. Each class period is 100 minutes.


On Friday, students do not have Homeroom, and have all of their classes, 1-6. Each class period is 55 minutes.


When do students eat lunch?


We have two lunch periods each day, 30 minutes each. On odd days, students eat lunch according to their 3rd period class. On even days, they eat lunch according to their 4th period class. This means that students may have different lunches on odd and even days.


On Friday, students eat lunch according to their 4th period class.


We have numerous meal options available for sale each day, or students may opt to bring their lunch. Once students have eaten and cleaned up their space, they can choose to be outside in the courtyard and blacktop area, weather-permitting.


What do students do during Homeroom?


Homeroom is generally used for work completion, silent reading, and getting assistance from their teachers. Students are encouraged to use this time to check Skyward and Google Classroom so that they can keep up on their assignments.


This time may also occasionally be used for assemblies, W.E.B. activities, and various activities/lessons led by staff.


How can my students get extra help with their school work?


We have study club on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout the school year from 2:45-3:30, and a bus is available afterwards to take students home Our teachers generally designate one study club day each week. They may be available at other times before or after school, or during Homeroom; students will need to arrange to meet with their teacher within those windows.


Do students have lockers at MMS?


Students do not have lockers for daily use for books, etc. Students will need to plan to carry their books, binders, and Chromebooks throughout the day for that day’s classes. Students do have lockers for P.E. that they are able to access during that class, and we have lockers for students participating in sports.

There are a small number of lockers available for students who may need additional support due to injury or other special cases. If you think your student may need this access, please contact their counselor.


What do students wear for P.E.?


We do not have a required P.E. uniform at MMS. Students need to wear a crew-neck t-shirt/sweatshirt with athletic shorts or sweats. They also need to wear athletic shoes and socks.



Clubs, Sports, and Student Life


What sports are available at MMS?


We currently have: Football (8th grade only, boys and girls); Fastpitch Softball (girls); Cross-Country (all); Girls and Boys Soccer; Girls and Boys Basketball; Volleyball (girls); Wrestling (all); and Track (all). All of our sport information and schedules are available on our website.


When do clubs meet? What if my student wants to start a new one?


Clubs meet either on Tuesday, Wednesdays, or Thursdays from 2:45-3:30. A bus is available afterwards to take students home.


We have numerous clubs each year, some that are long-standing (e.g., Art, BSU, and La Chispa) and others that are new. If your student wants to start a new club, they should see Sarah Schumacher, assistant principal, for more information.


What is W.E.B.?


W.E.B., which stands for “Where Everyone Belongs,” is a program that helps connect our incoming 7th graders to their peers and introduces them to the school. There is an orientation in the fall where each incoming 7th grader is put in a group led by two of our 8th grade W.E.B. Leaders.


In the spring, we will be looking for 7th graders who are interested in serving as W.E.B. Leaders in their 8th grade year.


What is an ASB card?


ASB cards, which are purchased at the beginning of the year, allow students to participate in certain activities and gain discounts on various things, like school dances. The proceeds from these cards support student programs, including athletics, music, clubs, ASB (student leadership), and our reward programs for students.


What is the Viking Run?


The Viking Run is our major school fundraiser for the year, and takes place on a school day in October. During the event, students walk or run around a track, trying to complete as many laps as possible. Students get their family, friends, and neighbors to pledge either a flat donation or a per-lap donation before the event. Once the event is complete, they collect the pledges and bring them to the school.


The funds from this event support numerous activities and events, including our sports and music programs, student clubs, and our student recognition events and awards.


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