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Get Involved

Being involved in Middle School can be as simple as asking your student about their school day or as bold as volunteering once a week as a lunch monitor. Here are ten great ways to stay involved.

  1. Ask your students to tell you something they learned today; show your interest in their education by actively listening.
  2. Volunteer to count laps at the Viking Run in October.
  3. Volunteer to assist with an afterschool club. Share your expertise—for example, photography, chess, or video games.
  4. Attend school board meetings and the superintendent's community events. You’ll meet district staff and learn about key issues.
  5. Vote in school elections. Learn about candidates for school board. Talk to your students about the election and your vote, so they can see you exercise your civic responsibility.
  6. Look for grant opportunities then write a grant proposal to help fund music, sports or other financial strapped programs.
  7. Volunteer as lunch monitor. This is a great way to get to know your student’s schoolmates.
  8. Donate to Parent Club to help support teachers with supplies and other materials needed for their classrooms.
  9. Introduce yourself to 1 or 2 new parents when you’re at a school football game, softball game or curriculum night.
  10. Ask to see your student’s homework and have them explain it to you.


Want to know more ways to be involved, simply click on "Volunteering" at our website, visit the School District's Volunteer Information page or email the Parent Club at