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Managing Transitions

Middle School is a time of transition as our teens learn who they will become as an adult. But transition doesn't have to mean added stress to your family life. Take advantage of these opportunities to help ease your family's transition into middle school.

Explore MMS resources; A starting point is found on our website: under “Counseling" or check out

Attend Orientation, Curriculum Night and Parent Club meetings: You learn more about school and staff plus you can talk with other parents who are going through the same transitions.

Volunteer: This is a great way to meet the staff and students who influence your student’s life. There are plenty of weekly, monthly or one-time opportunities to get involved.

Connect with Staff. Use email to let staff know how your student is doing. A quick thank you is especially welcomed by staff who work to continuously improve. Go to school website and click on “Staff”.

Laugh at the missteps along the way. Mark Twain said “Humanity has unquestionably one really effective weapon—laughter.” To arm yourself check out these tips from the Mayo Clinic.