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Skyward Tips

Skyward seems to sometimes take over our family evenings. Instead of a tool to help my student it seems to always turn into a battlefield. It gives only a snapshot of what is going on in school, but the snapshot seems to make me focus on my students’ weaknesses instead of their strengths.

It left me wondering how I can use Skyward as a point of collaboration instead of a point of conflict. Here are some tips that have helped me weather my Skyward storms:

  • Find time to talk —find a quiet place and time to sit down with your student then ask for their help.

  • Discuss expectations —ask your student what they think their Skyward report should look like. Then tell them what you expect—look for where your two sets of expectations meet and work from those.

  • Agree upon a plan —when expectations aren’t met what will happen. Make it something you both agree to and is doable (e.g. homework 1 st before spending time with friends.)

  • Let go —some things you can’t control, like how and when a teacher inputs information. Tell their teacher your concern, but don’t let it consume you.

  • Start Over —sometimes the best laid plans go wrong just start again when slip ups happen.

  • Celebrate success —when expectations are met congratulate them then give them a reward possibly extra minutes on their cell phone.

And always remember Skyward is just one piece of your student’s learning program.