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Talented Volunteers

We are always impressed with the number of talented students we have at our school. But it really is no surprise, since we have so many talented parent volunteers. Below are a few areas where our volunteers shine:

  • Students work hard on the yearbook, but volunteers help put the polish on it with additional photos, editing and moral support.

  • Excellence Rewards. When students make the grade, volunteers are there to hand out pizza, popcorn, reward cards and put on an awesome 4.0 breakfast.

  • Music Chaperones. Our choirs, orchestra and bands tour locally and statewide so others can enjoy their amazing talents. Without volunteers our music students could not have had these rewarding experiences.

  • From selling concessions to picking up our students at the end of events, volunteers make all of our teams winners.

  • Academic Support: From Watch Dog Dads, to tutoring students to listening to Social Studies Constitutional Presentations, our volunteers serve as role models for our students.

 Thank you for all your hard work this year as Volunteers!

Want to know more ways to be involved, simply click on “Volunteering” under Family Engagement on our website, visit the School District's Volunteer Information page , or email the Parent Club at,