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School Supply List

Successful students bring the following items to school every day:

Organizing systems for class papers and returned work, such as:

___ 1.5” 3-ring binder with 6 or 8 tab dividers or folders for each class


___ College-ruled paper for all classes

___ Algebra and Geometry Students: 8 ½ x 11 inch graph paper

Pouch/container for writing tools with:

___ Blue or black pens

___ Pencils

___ Highlighters

___ 1 pkg. Colored Pencils

NO SHARPIES (not allowed as MMS)

Composition Books:

___ 2 College-ruled (English, Science)

___ 1 graph paper (Math)

___ Scientific calculator (equivalent to TI-30x, not a graphing calculator)

___ Earbuds/headphones for your Chromebook (Should be USB or 3.5mm jack)

___ Backpack or shoulder bag with capacity for carrying binder, Chromebook, and other supplies (we do not have student lockers)

Should be brought every day, but is provided by the school:

*Chromebook (Should be charged daily, but chargers should remain at home)

Teachers MAY inform students during the first week of school if they need students to have supplies unique to their course.

Donations of any of the above supplies are welcome and needed- please drop off at the Main Office.