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ASB, or Associated Student Body, is the student leadership and government program at MMS. The ASB coordinates student activities, clubs, fundraising, school events and assemblies. The ASB advisor is Ms. Kinnear.

The MMS ASB is made up of 8th Grade students who apply, and who meet during Homeroom daily.  During Homeroom, they plan as a group and meet in their various committees. These committees are the Spirit Committee, the School and Community Events Committee, and the Communications Committee. 

All students have the opportunity to participate in ASB through the ASB Rep Assembly, the purpose of which is to facilitate communication between ASB leadership and the student population. Each Homeroom chooses a Homeroom Representative, who attends monthly ASB Rep Assembly meetings to receive information and share feedback from their Homeroom. They then share what they've learned with their Homeroom.

7th Grade students interested in joining ASB as an 8th grader will have the opportunity to apply in the spring of 7th grade.