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How to Join a Team

There are several key steps families and students need to take to join one of our sports teams. 

First, these are the sports and seasons we offer:

Fall - Cross Country (open to all), Fastpitch Softball (7th/8th girls), Football (8th grade only, boys and girls)

Winter - Boys Basketball (7th and 8th grade), Volleyball (7th and 8th grade girls), Boys Soccer (7th/8th), Girls Soccer (7th/8th), Girls Basketball (7th and 8th grade), Wrestling (open to all)

Spring - Track (7th and 8th grade)

Step One to Join a Team - Submit  a current physical and the three Athletic Eligibility Forms:

Sports Physical Form - Some doctors have their own form, which is acceptable as well. 

Athletic Form on Rank One - There are three forms that families need to fill out.

Wrestling Weight PDFTo be filled out by athletes prior to wrestling in any match. Must be filled out by a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Covid Release Waiver - Must be filled out prior to participating (you can fill it in for multiple sports 

Step Two to Join Some Teams - Try Out:

These sports require a tryout - Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Soccer, Volleyball

All other sports are open to all who want to play - just come to the first practice.

Step Three to Join a Team - Pay Fees:

All students who join a sports team must pay the following fees in order to participate in games/matches. These fees can be paid online on the district's InTouch site or in the Main Office with cash or check made out to ESD.

1. ASB Card (once each year) - $15
2. Pay-to-Play Fee (one for each sport played) - $65

Last but not least, students must maintain their grades in order to participate in their chosen sport. Students with more than one F will not be allowed to participate in game/matches.